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We work in brand, print and Application. We can apply a High Definition shrink sleeve label to practically any bottle or container imaginable & supply you the product in ready to fill the container condition.


Our Quality

Total Quality Management techniques are stringently adhered to at all levels, right from the purchase of raw materials till the dispatch of final products. Strict inspections and testing schedules ensure flawless production at every stage.

All processes are carried out under the vigilance of trained professionals in accordance with standardized production norms and methods, thus leaving no stone unturned n ensuring premium quality. Committed towards total consumer satisfaction, we dispatch our products after inspection & approval.

360 degrees to tell your brand story and build consumer trust

Because shrink sleeves Bottle’s provide full-product coverage, you can communicate more on your label, from branding to product use instructions to regulatory information and serialization.



Shrink sleeves Bottles are exceptionally good at withstanding wear during shipping and handling, as the film materials —typically polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polypropylene terephthalate glycol (PETG)— are naturally resistant to abrasion, environment, water and the product itself.

This, combined with the fact that the image is printed on the inside of the sleeve, protects the graphics from wear or fade throughout the product life cycle.

These innovations in shrink sleeve labelling —surrounding functionality and safety— are cited as among the most important to consumers when making a purchasing decision, according to one study. The study also linked innovative packaging with purchasing behaviour. Consumers who are satisfied by a product’s packaging are more likely to buy it again.

Generally speaking, shrink sleeves cost more than other label types. But the cost is easily justified for higher-end products, especially considering more than a third of consumers have chosen a product because of eye-catching packaging according to Packaging Matters. Shrink sleeves offer full-colour and full-body branding — making your product stand out against the competition on the shelf. And good packaging translates to good sales.


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