Mist Pump

These fine mist sprayers come with clear styrene hoods to prevent unwanted dispensing of products. Fine mist sprayers could be a great closure option to package products that need to be dispensed by misting such as perfumes, Sanitizer, breath fresheners and any type of liquid substance. They are available with 20mm, 24mm & 28mm neck finishes.

Lotion Pump

The lotion pumps allow for high viscosity products such as lotions and liquid soaps to be easily dispensed with each stroke. Our lotion pumps are shipped to you locked; simply turn the head counter-clockwise to open for use. Featuring smooth collars, these lotion pumps could be a sophisticated packaging solution for high viscosity products such as shampoo, conditioner and more. The lotion pumps are available to you in a 24/410 or 28/410 cap size with various dip tube lengths.

Trigger Pump

These polypropylene trigger sprayers have a 24mm & 28mm neck finish, with various dip tube lengths. For use simply turn the nozzle at the tip of the trigger sprayers to the right or left 90 degrees to select from 4 different spray settings; off, on, stream or spray.

Trigger Pump

Mini Trigger Pump

These polypropylene mini trigger sprayers were built with convenience in mind. It takes far less effort to operate these mini trigger sprayers than a typical finger sprayer. In addition to that, its valve engine can handle products with a Low viscosity, such as Sanitizer or any other water base liquid. Each mini trigger sprayer has a button along the neck which locks and unlocks the trigger lever, preventing any product from dispensing during shipment. These polypropylene mini trigger sprayers have a 24mm & 28mm neck finish, with various dip tube lengths.

Foamer Pump

Our polypropylene foamer pumps could be an excellent choice for dispensing a variety of products. These foaming pumps precisely mix liquid and air producing high quality foam with each stroke without the use of gas propellants. The smaller pump includes a clear plastic overcap

Throat Mist Spray Pump

Our polypropylene throat pumps and ear pumps are designed for simple, safe application of pharmaceutical products. They are available with 20mm & 24mm neck finishes with various dip tube lengths.

Crimp Pump

Aluminium Crimp pumps are very popular with fragrance and perfume products. They have a premium finish and are manufactured to produce small amounts of liquid. The spray mechanism pushes small amounts of liquid over a large surface area to help spread the misted liquid contents. These crimp sprayer pumps are extremely popular for body sprays, eyeglass cleaners, breath sprays, vitamin sprays, room and car air fresheners and disinfectants. These are available in 13mm, 15mm, 18mm & 20mm neck finishes with various dip lengths.

Stylish Brushed Aluminium collars

Bestech Packaging offer Stylish white, Golden, Silver, Copper or any other colour treatment pumps with brushed aluminium collars in a matte or Glossy finish on any type of Dispensing Pump according to their customer’s requirement.