Just a few words to get to know better.

Hi! My name is Anirudh Aggarwal, and I’m one of the Owner of the IP Enterprises.

IP Enterprises is my dream. It was born from passion to give some innovative packaging to Pharma & cosmetic Industry. It all started few years ago.

I can tell you! When I started they were not pretty, But one by one they began to look better and better. After some time I realized that many other companies are using my idea’s in their companies for their products. And It felt great!

My biggest dream is to make my packaging useful for you. To make your work faster and more efficient. I try to maintain a healthy price- quality ratio so that it is beneficial both for me and for you.

I believe that over time my packaging will become a regular tool in your hands, and thanks to the frequent feedback that I get from you, they will become better and better.


Anirudh Aggarwal
Bestech Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
IP Enterprises.